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A 3-day intensive workshop giving a practical understanding of the complex issues and how Power Purchase Agreements, renewable energy technologies, and competitive energy markets are being analyzed, structured, negotiated and implemented.

Economies throughout Asia urgently need to master the key techniques, models, and lessons learned for transforming and strengthening today’s electricity sector. These include the latest models in negotiating Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), in designing and managing new competitive power markets, as well as attracting new investments in renewable energy sources.

Unlike past Independent Power Project (IPP) models that featured standardized take-or-pay contracts – today’s energy investment market demands more innovative incentives to ensure better availability, better system reliability, as well as more attractive and sustainable mixtures of fuel sources.

Across Asia, Governments need to structure clearer incentives for new private investments into renewable technologies including wind power, solar energy, bio-mass incineration and mini-hydro investments. However, in order to be willing to accept these risks, experienced private power developers need assurance that new energyy markets are fair, transparent, and efficient. Moreover, private power investors are much more selective and risk-averse in their global investment decision-making in today’s current global financial climate.

This practical 3-day workshop will provide clear explanations of the new models of PPA risk allocation, of managing competitive energy markets, and attracting new private investments into renewable energy, through a series of real case examples of PPA contracts, transactions, and markets. Case Studies will include real examples from Southeast Asia, South Asia, Europe, North America, and Latin America.

This practical, hands-on workshop is designed for senior government and private corporate decision-makers responsible for dealing with the great changes transforming this industry. These include: energy ministry officials and policy makers; energy authority and corporation managers, directors, and Board members; energy regulatory body staff and Commissioners; energy sector consumers groups, NGO’s, and alternative energy program managers; regional electricity distributors and sub-national governments buying electricity in deregulated markets; commercial lenders and bankers financing investments in the energy sector; private energy developers and operators; and transaction advisors & lawyers for private energy investments.

Edward P White
International Energy & Infrastructure Investment Specialist

Edward White is an international energy & infrastructure specialist with over 24 years of extensive experience in 56 different countries in designing and negotiating PPAs, corporate governance of energy authorities, energy project finance, energy regulation & tariff-setting, and private energy transaction advisory services.

He has directed feasibility studies and financing plans for over $800 million worth of investments in the energy and other infrastructure sectors. He has worked on energy restructuring and investment assignments throughout South East Asia, South Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa.

Mr. White has designed and led executives training programs on energy investments for over 11,000 officials worldwide.

GAIN the tools and models you need to become a leader in directing your country’s electricity transformation and renewable energy strategies
UNDERSTAND the best practices from leading international cases in recent PPAs, electricity markets, and renewable energy investment initiatives
APPLY the lessons learned from this field to your own organization’s unique priorities
IMPROVE your awareness of the common pitfalls and mistakes to avoid in today’s private power investments
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