Strategic Communications is delighted to announce the scheduling of its 5th Asian Nuclear Power Briefing 2017 taking place in Hong Kong in February 2017. We are fortunate to once again be able to have Lady Barbara Judge, CBE, Chairman Emeritus, UK Atomic Energy Authority, Chairman, The Energy Institute of UCL, Deputy Chairman, TEPCO Nuclear Reform Monitoring Committee to chair the 1-day exclusive briefing.

In Asia we see the future of the Japanese fleet crystallising with the first reactors restarted in 2015 under a new safety regime. China continues to grow as a nuclear power hub, taking advantage of its stable and long-sighted policy regime as well as economies of scale. India is progressing both with new units and with imports of overseas technology, while South Korea is nearing completion of its first reactor exports to the United Arab Emirates which will be only the second country in the Middle East to generate nuclear electricity.

Even today's high rate of new build is, however, insufficient if the world is to meet the targets for reducing the impacts of global warming agreed at the 21st Conference of Parties (COP21) on climate change, which took place in Paris last year.

Asia is the main region in the world where electricity generating capacity and specifically nuclear power is growing significantly. From East through to South Asia, there are currently 128 operable nuclear power reactors, 41 under construction and firm plans to build a further 92. 46% of the world’s new capacity up to 2025 will be in Asia with much of this growth in China, Japan, India and Korea.

The 5th Asian Nuclear Power Briefing 2017 will take a pragmatic overview of the current global nuclear power scene, particularly in Asia focusing on the road ahead:
  • What are the policies and issues that governments have to face when determining what role nuclear power will play in its energy mix?
  • Funding nuclear power generation investments
  • Energy security and sustainability
  • Rebuilding public confidence in nuclear power as a safe and sustainable source of energy
  • Identifying innovative technology for nuclear power
  • Decommissioning and supply chain
  • Commercialising SMRs
Erratic and constant rising prices in oil and gas and the ever increasing threat to its regular and uninterrupted supply shows that nuclear power is still very much a part of the future of an effective Asian energy mix.

The 5th Asian Nuclear Power Briefing 2017 through its panel of industry experts, thought leaders and governments aims to bring you anintensive agenda that will examine the key issues shaping the development of nuclear power in Asia and the growing opportunities.

You can shape the programme and address the burning issues surrounding nuclear new build and its funding by participating.

Opportunities to speak at Strategic Communication’s 5th Asian Nuclear Power Briefing 2017 are limited! If you are interested in speaking at this exciting event for the power industry, please provide a 100-word synopsis of the paper to be presented by 15 December 2016, you will also need to send a topic title as well as 4-5 key bullet points. Synopsis should be emailed to clogan@stratcoms.com

The event offers an undeniable platform to showcase your company’s solutions and technology for the nuclear energy industry. This is the event that you want to participate in if you are interested in the rapidly growing nuclear energy business in Asia - for more information, contact enquiry@stratcoms.com

Strategic Communications is pleased to offer an exclusive 3-day training course on Successful Nuclear Energy Project Development: Planning, Financing and Building Nuclear Power Plants which will be led by Ian Jackson is a nuclear consultant and author with 30 years' experience working internationally in both the public and private nuclear sectors. The training course will be held from 14-16th February 2017, Hong Kong. Contact enquiry@stratcoms.com for more details.

Briefing Chairman:

Lady Barbara Judge Lady Barbara Judge, CBE
Chairman Emeritus, UK Atomic Energy Authority
Chairman, The Energy Institute of UCL
Deputy Chairman, TEPCO Nuclear Reform Monitoring Committee

Panel of Industry Experts:

masaaki Mitsunobu Oshima
Senior Vice President
Nuclear Systems Sales Div
Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy Ltd
masaaki Steve Kidd
Senior Partner
East Cliff Consulting
masaaki Tang Chi Cheung
Senior Director - Nuclear
CLP Holdings Limited
  masaaki William Hickey, Ph. D.
Associate Professor and
Capability Advisor
School of Government and Public
Policy/ University of Indonesia
masaaki Shah Nawaz Ahmad
Senior Advisor, India
Middle East & Southeast Asia
World Nuclear Association
  masaaki   Dr Jitendra Kumar
International Nuclear Liability Expert &
Head of Nuclear Law Division and
Legal Adviser to Government of India
Nuclear Controls and Planning Wing
masaaki Jari Vepsalainen
IPPF China Outreach Committee
IPPF Nuclear Committee
  masaaki   Jay Jie Ze
Partner, Head of China Corporate
Eversheds Sutherland China

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